What Are Bakelite Usage Areas?

The areas of use of bakelite are common in our daily lives. It is widely used in electrical household appliances, smartphones and various plastic products. Since the structure of bakelite is stronger compared to other plastic materials, it has a significant place among the polymer materials. The fact that bakelite is shaped as desired thanks to its durability and easy labor increases the use of bakelite.

Bakelite is often used as electrical material. It is a synthetic substance. Bakelite is also used in military industry for materials used with bomb and weapon purposes. Bakelite is an important substance in mine-making and is used in military and strategic areas. As bakelite is hard, not soft, this makes the mine durable. It is used in mine-making as mine detectors cannot identify and find plastic products.


The bakelite substance is used widely for empty pipes inside bards and for wire boards. It is used in the production of several chemical and electrical electronic devices, various machine parts such as sockets, switches, cables etc. in electric wiring. Phenol formaldehyde resins, which occur as a result of cutting during condensation procedures, are used as flammable. It is used as impregnating resins during the preparation of positive-charged ions. Bakelite is another formica found in its structure.

Bakelite has wide areas of use, and is quite demanding in its production. Properties such as insulating, getting into desired shape by heat, and being resistant against weight make bakelite such a popular substance. Therefore, it gets a high demand and is available in many areas of our daily lives.


1- The production of products made with strong and durable bakelite substance is very expensive. The production process is a little complicated. Thus, substitutions were found. It was used in variety of products at first. These products are:

  • Insulator Buttons
  • Cameras
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Telephones
  • Whistles
  • Saxophone Mouthpieces

2 – Bakelite is resistant to heat and resistance, is an insulator and is resistant to chemical actions. It is also used in certain areas today. These are:

  • Ornaments and jewelry
  • In the insulators, distributor caps and some selected parts of cars
  • Games like chess, billiards, checkers etc.
  • On the base of bulbs and under the socket covers
  • Radio and watches


There is no specific hazard when bakelite is not damaged. The substances, mixtures and chemicals that must be provided for the production phase of the bacteria pose a risk. Bakelite contains a large amount of formaldehyde, asbestos and many toxic polymers. In this case, factors such as production, collection and destruction are also important.

If a bakelite product breaks and breaks into pieces, the compound materials and chemicals are mixed into the air. One can be poisoned by ingestion and respiration. It may cause skin contact. The destruction of these products is very important. The inappropriate disposal of bakelite products in the environment causes an increased risk in the environment. The inhaling person can be exposed to significant and permanent health risk.

Although the use of bakelite is widespread, it is very important that these materials be safely destroyed. One should carefully destroy their bakelite products at the relevant facilities so as not to harm human or environmental health. Therefore, all of us should do their part to clean up the plastic with such harm and thus make the environment a better place. One should find ways to change plastics that are harmful to the daily routine. If it is only necessary to use such things, they must be disposed safely and cleanly.

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