Our goal is to offer best service to Chemical Sector in high-quality and competitive price and increase our market share.

Arayıcılar A.Ş. was founded in 1982 by Ahmet Arayıcı. We started our journey with the vision of turning Turkey into a central point of demand with our sustainable growth, high quality service and creative production. Besides high expertise in production of our brand, we also have a lot of distributorship licence to sell other petrochemical products in our industry. We have always prioritise customer satisfaction in first place and tried to listen the needs of our customers.  In addition to this, we set our mission to speak the same language with our customers to become their solution partner since day one, in terms of quality service and prices. This is our biggest and most important feature that sets us apart from other companies.

With our professional team and 39 years of experience in the industry, now we are a leading company that offers quality service to more than 15 countries. We try to respond to all requests coming from our clients regarding, technical conditions of the product and shipment dates. We also use the geographical advantage of our country and send any orders less than 15 days.

We are in a leader position in our industry with the years of experience, technical know-how in the production field and large variety of product range (PMC – Coloured PMC – Phenolic Resin).

We continue our operation with values based on integrity, customer satisfaction, transparency. We also support operations with eco-friendly, environment-friendly, and human health-conscious production policies.

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Arayıcılar A.Ş. was founded in 1982. Our factory started manufacturing in Kartal/Istanbul as its first region. As of 2014, our factory moved to Kartepe/Izmit in order to provide better quality and high volume service. Arayıcılar A.Ş. is the first and only Phenolic Moulding Compound producer in Turkey and we are major supplier to domestic market and also we have significant export operation to Europe, Africa and Asia.